CTA Worker Event Dates and Deadlines

CTA worker weekends for 2023 appear below along with their tentative worker registration deadlines. Dates and events are subject to change.

To register to work an event, click on the event name below to open that event’s registration page, then look for the Register button. Note – you must be logged in to register for an event.

Event Date Event Name Event Type Location Register by: Registration Countdown
Apr 23 Tower Opening & Membership Meeting Special CTMP Apr 21
May 06-07 BEMC
Spring Trophy Races
Regional CTMP May 02
Jun 03-04 SMP
SMP Summer Classic
Regional Shannonville May 30
16 Days 01:12:49
Jun 16-18 VARAC
Vintage Grand Prix
Regional CTMP Jun 05
28 Days 01:12:49
Jul 07-09 Chevrolet Grand Prix
Not a CTA contract event
42 Days 01:12:49
Jul 29-30 BARC
Cdn Touring Trophy Races
Regional CTMP Jul 25
65 Days 01:12:49
Aug 05 VARAC
Peter Jackson Races
Regional Shannonville Aug 01
16 Days 01:12:49
Aug 19-20 OSCC
Not a CTA contract event
Regional Calabogie Aug 15
93 Days 01:12:49
Sep 01-03 Labour Day Weekend Sprints
Support Races
104 Days 01:12:49
Sep 16-17 BEMC
Late Summer Trophy Races
Regional CTMP Sep 12
121 Days 01:12:49
Sep 30-Oct 01 CASC
Celebration of Motorsports
Regional Mosport Sep 26
135 Days 01:12:49
Fall 2023 CTA Annual General Meeting Social TBA TBD